Pierre Boulez - A Life for Music

Hommage à Pierre Boulez

Cinéma | Musique | Evénement

Documentaire, production Company RM Creative
Durée 58 min.
Reiner E. Moritz, UK, 2017

Un an après la mort de Pierre Boulez, l’Institut français invite à Prague Reiner Moritz, réalisateur et producteur pour parler de la vie et de l’œuvre de ce compositeur, pianiste et chef d’orchestre français et pour présenter son film documentaire Pierre Boulez - A Life for Music qui date de juin 2017.

Conférence en français avec la traduction simultanée en tchèque. Le film en français, avec les sous-titres tchèques et anglais.


Pierre Boulez, who as a young and impatient artist, suggested to blow up the opera houses in order to do away with stuffy tradition, moved on to conduct the Ring of the Century at Bayreuth of all places and became a much appreciated guest conductor with the world´s top orchestras. He founded IRCAM in 1976, which gave him an instrument to test his musical ideas, and he died at the biblical age of nearly 91 in his beloved Baden-Baden.
His was a great career that needs to be revisited in order to do him justice, which no obituary could provide. I also had the good fortune to get to know members of his family who let me film at his house in Baden-Baden while his younger brother, Roger, gave us valuable information of Pierre´s early years.
Having interviewed Pierre Boulez time and again from his New York days until recently we have plenty of substantial material to work with, enhanced by a wonderful conversation about music with Daniel Barenboim during a recording of NOTATIONS with the Bayerische Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra. From Cleveland we have a performance of Mahler´s Lieder DES KNABEN WUNDERHORN LIEDER with Christian Gerhaher and the Adagio from Mahler´s 10th, from the BBC a First Night of the Proms with Mahler´s 8th, and a Discover Bartók program, from Alte Oper Frankfurt an exciting SACRE DU PRINTEMPS and from St. Florian a wonderful interpretation of Bruckner´s 8th with the Vienna Philharmonic.
The culmination of his career as an opera conductor was without doubt the RING at Bayreuth from which we have an excerpt of The Valkyrie as well as Peter Stein´s legendary PELLEAS ET MELISANDE from Cardiff.
Boulez, the composer, is less well known. Besides NOTATION, conducted by Barenboim, we will feature Peter Eötvös with DERIVE and MEMORIAL while Boulez will conduct REPONS and MARTEAU SANS MAÎTRE. Last but not least Boulez, the astute cultural politician, will have his say, and we get to know him as a wonderful and witty teacher.
Asked what influence Pierre Boulez thinks he might have had on the music scene of our time he said “It is for other people to judge” and that is precisely what I am trying to do with my documentary. Talking about his roots he said “My chance was to absorb the composers which were before me, to absorb them completely and to give my own views of music at this time”. And “You are made by the tradition”.
Reiner E. Moritz

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